Colonel Nicholas Devereux's Regiment

Welcome to the website of Colonel Nicholas Devereux’s regiment of foot. The regiment is part of the Roundhead Association and alongside the King’s Army takes part in events organised by the English Civil War Society.

We in Devereux’s pride ourselves on our efforts to make the regiment one of the more ‘progressive’ re-enactment groups within the Civil War period.  As a result, the regiment has a deserved reputation for high standards of authenticity and research, and is rightly regarded by many as one of the foremost groups that depict a typical infantry regiment from the 1640’s.

Devereux’s regiment recruits nationally throughout the United Kingdom. However, we do have two large clusters of membership. One in the West Midlands and a second  in the south west of England, the heartland of the original regiment. We have members as far away as Doncaster, Lincolnshire and Essex.  Whilst we work hard to get things right, we never forget that we are a group of friends and take time out to socialise whenever we can, both during the campaigning season and in the winter months too.

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